Experience the transformative power of Aesthetic BBL's Microcurrent facials, a cutting-edge solution in the fight against aging. These sessions are a rejuvenating journey, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, enhancing skin texture, and reversing the signs of aging.


Harnessing gentle electrical pulses, our Microcurrent facials sculpt and lift facial muscles, providing a natural, toned appearance akin to a rejuvenating gym workout for your face. Beyond mere lifting, this treatment accelerates wound healing, muscle rehabilitation, and addresses conditions like macular degeneration and lymphedema.


Our Microcurrent facials offer multifaceted benefits. They promote circulation, amplify skincare product absorption, and ignite collagen and elastin production, fueled by the stimulation of ATP, the energy source for muscles.


Experience a revitalized complexion with improved muscle tone and texture as microcurrents delicately contract facial muscles, delivering a non-surgical lift without needles or downtime. Simultaneously, increased blood flow facilitates deeper product penetration, maximizing their efficacy. Collagen production is stimulated, plumping the skin for a more youthful appearance, while puffiness diminishes as fluid buildup is reduced through enhanced circulation and lymphatic drainage.


Unwind as facial tension melts away under the soothing touch of Microcurrent therapy, leaving behind a radiant, relaxed glow. Embrace the non-invasive nature of these treatments, free from side effects or recovery time, with results compounding over time. For optimal benefits, indulge in maintenance sessions every 4-6 weeks, ensuring continued improvement in muscle tone and skin quality.